Why Choose Timber Joinery?

Tuesday 7 March 2017

Wood is going through a renaissance as the product of choice for construction and the use of your products should be an esssential part of the resurgence

As well as adding character cand warmth, studies have proven that timber-based joinery products often last longer, are better value over the long term and have significantly lower environmental impacts than comparable products, for example PVC-u window frames. 

The broader arguments for using timber have become stronger than ever - as well as the benefits of using a naturally renewable material, the latest timber technology means less disruption and faster completiong for houseing developments relative to traditional concrete and steel alternatives. 

With the new housing strategy accepting that our new homes must be built to last for future generations, British woodworking is well placed to meet the challenge. 





Article from "The time is now for British Joinery - let's stand proud and together, British Woodworking Federation"